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Category: Product Updates

Zoom In and Out to see more details

You can now zoom in and out directly in the timeline to see more detailed info, such as exact months, or to get the bigger picture and view the entire experience. The zoom will also automatically try to fit the entire timeline in the initial view.

Switch between Time and Aggregate view

You can now switch between time and aggregate view. The aggregate view will display each experience along with its length in a separate row. It allows you to quickly evaluate the total experience of a candidate as well as their job tenure with each company. You will also have an indicator with the total aggregate…
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Keyword Experience Highlighter

With release 1.4 You will now be able to use the brand new search feature to highlight experiences that match a given keyword. Unlike traditional keyword highlighters, with CV Timeline you will get a highlight of the length and relevance of an experience that matches a given keyword. You can use multiple keywords and divide…
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CV Timeline User Map

300 active users in 1 month since our launch.

We are exhilarated to share with you the great news that we’ve reached 300 active users from 50 different countries only 30 days after our official launch! Our journey to create the CV of the future has just begun!   User growth weekly:

CV Timeline now in Linkedin Recruiter Search Results

We are very excited to announce that with version you will now be able to interact with our timeline directly on the Linkedin Recruiter search engine. The timeline zooms out automatically to give you a better overview of a longer period. Keep in mind that all experiences in this view are rounded to a…
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Map Visualization of all relocations

With release you can now visualize a map of a candidate’s relocations by hovering on the plane icon. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Color Coded Educations

With release 1.4.0 we’ve made degrees more intuitive by color coding them. PHDs will be Purple, Masters gold and Bachelors Silver. All other educations will default to blue.