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Creating the CV of the Future



Time is a crucial part of understanding someone’s experience so rather than searching with complex filters or reading through long documents recruiters will be looking at a visual timeline and searching by specifiying skills and time.


Especially at the early stages of recruitment what really matters is experience, background and skills. Not name, gender, identity or appearance. Our search engine does not show pictures or names in the results.


Candidates will no longer have to customize each application as our CV of the future will automatically show only experiences and skills that are relevant to the position we are recruiting for as well as showing career pivoting predictions.


No matter on what platform you are looking at a CV the format should always be the same. One should know exactly where to look for what matters to them.. This is why we are working on making it open source.


Digging deeper into a given section of a CV will allow recruiters to quickly get more detailed relevant info while keeping the first glance clean.


Some of the best CVs I’ve seen have clear tangible metrics (Improved metric x with action y). The CV of the future could immediately provide us key values to key metrics


Creating a CV in the future probably won’t take more than a few clicks or taps. The detailed blanks will be automatically filled by using the data already available in the web and/or machine learning predictions.


Automatic translation has come a long way and there is no reason for which we shouldn’t see a CV in our preferred language without any effort by the candidate especially if most information is structured. We can also assume that the CV of the future will automatically adapt itself to each country’s practices and common ways of doing things.


Expectations in terms of salary, company size, culture, living costs, etc will be more transparent from the start. As well as being automatically benchmarked.